Adult Chapter Registration

  • Covid Precautions and Waiver

    • Waiver:

      The Friendship Circle is strictly adhering to the CDC guidelines and taking all precautions to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

      I have carefully considered the risk involved and agree to allow my child(ren) to participate in the activities with The Friendship Circle. I also understand that Participation in these activities is entirely voluntary and requires participants to abide by applicable rules and standards of conduct as set forth by Friendship Circle. I also understand that as an express precondition of my child's participation that you acknowledge and agree that although The Friendship Circle cares deeply about the health and well being of all participants, The Friendship Circle cannot guarantee that Covid-19 or any other viruses/diseases will not be contracted by participants or their guardians. I understand that Friendship Circle is independently owned and operated. In consideration of the opportunity to send my child to The Friendship Circle, and by engaging in participation, I, myself, and on behalf of my child, hereby agree to release, hold harmless and waive any and all claims against The Friendship Circle and its employees, directors, officers, and volunteers as well as its affiliates and all other organizations associated with The Friendship Circle from any and all claims or liability arising out of this participation. I understand that this form involves release of legal rights.


      By entering my initials below, I agree to each statement above and release The Friendship Circle of Fairfield County from any and all liability for unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19.

    • It is so important for the wellness of the Friendship Circle participants to keep a child home when they are even 'slightly' under the weather. Please err on the side of caution and do not send your child to the program when they present with what seems like even a sniffle, cough, or the like.

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