Dear Parents,

Please take a few minutes to help us update our files. 

Our insurance requires that anyone who interacts with minors needs to be screened. That said, both parents and adults in the house while a Friendship Circle visit is taking place, need to complete a background check.

 We have partnered with Sterling Volunteers to complete this process securely.  The Friendship Circle will never see your personal information or background information, and will only receive a report verifying your ability to care for minors. By going to you can securely enter your information.  By providing this information electronically, we can both ensure that your information is secure as well as speed up the process considerably. 

Once on the website, go to the Volunteer Screening tab and click on “Start My Background Check”. After making yourself an account, you will be prompted to enter the Friendship Circle’s “Good Deed” Code: hiimzhj and it will bring you to the proper form. (the whole process literally takes just 5 minutes and the website is super user friendly)

 Please remember the following: 1) Complete all fields 2) Use your legal name and information and add any maiden or previous names to the additional names section 3) Review your answers for accuracy and spelling.

(If you would prefer, click here to email Lenore and she can fill it out for you. Please provide us with your legal name/social security number/birthday/ and month/year that you started living at your current address.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we can walk you  through it. 

We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this at your earliest convenience!