Why Volunteer?


Say "yes" to volunteering time and friendship, because we know someone who really needs a friend... it's a child with special needs! The Friendship Circle has three terrific ways for you to be a part of something that's really incredible.

We know teens can and do make a difference, and the mitzvah of being a Friendship Circle volunteer is a great way to give an extraordinary gift to an extraordinary kid! And you'll make lots of new friends too! Why not enjoy activities with other teens just like you, teens who know that giving to others makes you feel better about yourself and the world!

So, here are the various ways to get involved...:

Friends@Home! That's right! We'll match you and another Jewish teen with a child who has special needs. You'll  make a weekly 1 hour visit to your Special Friend's home to share activities, hang out, and simply do what friends do! The personal rewards are awesome! 

Children's Circle! Give a few hours, take back satisfaction and experience. 15 Sundays throughout the year, you will work one-on-one helping a child with special needs. With the assistance of professional therapists, you'll help the kids groove to drumming tunes, jump start to their artistic creativity, enjoy playing with little critters, ccok up a storm, and run with all sorts of sports.

Extra Curricular! Don't know if you can commit to a full year of programs? Join us at various bowling events, holiday programs, after school programs, and more!

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