Teen Board    


How are you going to make a difference and take the Friendship Circle to a whole new level?

While every Friendship Circle teen volunteer is a leader in our book, we realize that only a select few can make the commitment needed to take their service to the next level. That’s why we created the Leadership Board.    

Do you value your experiences with the Friendship Circle? Are you interested in taking it to the next level? If you would like the opportunity to work with your friends and other Jewish teens in the area, to gain leadership experience and to be a part of helping The Friendship Circle continue to help families with special needs, the Friendship Circle Leadership Board is for you. Additionally, you will gain valuable leadership, communication and job skills that will benefit you throughout your life.

Before applying please consider if you have time in your schedule to attend monthly meetings and help with various assigned tasks. This is a significant time commitment. This is a one year opportunity. Take this into consideration to make sure that this is the best year for you to apply. 


Being in the Leadership Board means you are committing to: 

1.     Attend ALL board meetings

2.     Attend and be willing to help at all major events including: Teen Kickoff, Friendship Day and all holiday and teen programs.

3.     Recruit volunteers from your school to help with programs.

4.     Reply to all Friendship Circle messages, including meeting minutes, and texts within 2 days.

5.     Maintain a positive and upbeat attitude at meetings and events and during teen recruitment.

6.     Act as an ambassador for the Friendship Circle at your school. Be aware of upcoming events and encourage others to get involved.

7.   Set up a fundraising page for Friendship Day, fundraise, and help out at the Friendship Day/ Walk.

7.    Must be an active volunteer.


Teen Leadership Board of 2023-2024:  


Sarah Ballas

Charlotte Bunin 

Travis Fuchs

Matthew Goodman 

Solomon Green 

Annie Hanna 

Allie Klein 

Abby Malkin 

Shayne Mehl 

Zach Price 

Jonah Rosenberg 

Emily Sherman 

Isabel Sigman 

Maddie Winarsky 

Alex Young 


The Friendship Circle teen board members- each a leader in his or her own Fairfield County high school- hold planning and assessment meetings throughout the year:

September 6, October 15, November 19, January 7, March 3, May 5, June 2